CBSE Cluster Principals’ Meet.


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The Jain International School, Hyderabad organized the CBSE Cluster Principals’ Meet today i.e., on 14th June, 2018 on the theme ‘Together we can make the difference’. The meet was attended by 22 Principals from and around the Alwal region. A short welcome programme was presented by the students of TJIS in honor of the guests.

The programme started at 2.00 p.m. with a brief welcome speech followed by the felicitation of the dignitaries. The school presented all the guests with potted plants as mementoes. The meet was presided by Mrs. Simi Nagi, Treasurer-CBSE Cluster, Mrs. Kasturi Reddy-CBSE Cluster Head and Mrs. Nisha Paraswani- Principal, TJIS. Mrs. Nisha Paraswani, Principal-TJIS, invited Mrs. Kasturi Reddy to open the meet by sharing the agenda. The cluster head initiated the discussion by inviting all the Principals to share their views about points discussed in the agenda. They all put forth their views and opinions openly and shared their doubts.

The platform was also utilized for bidding farewell to the retiring CBSE Cluster Head, Mrs. Kasturi Reddy. She announced the appointment of Mrs. Simi Nagi as the new CBSE Cluster head-Alwal.

All the eminent Principals appreciated the ambience, coordination and hospitality of the school. Mrs. Nisha Paraswani, Principal, The Jain International School presented the bestseller ‘THE LEADER WHO HAD NO TITLE’ by Robin Sharma as return gift to the Principals.